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Read our full Request for Proposal (RFP) for the care of animals at Wichita Animal Shelter:

The city of Wichita has a HUGE animal problem. The main shelter there, Wichita Animal Shelter (WAS) is drowning in overpopulation, strays, illnesses, and euthanasia. The animals there NEED help, they need people to be their voice and shout for change in the city of Wichita. Please help join our team of Wichita volunteers who are pioneering a new wave of help for these animals in need.


We have ALL kinds of volunteer opportunities for our Wichita base! Read below and please help where you can.

  • Short-Distance Transporting: help drive dogs and cats around the city, whether you are picking up from WAS to assist with a jail-break mission the moment before euthanasia, or helping shuffle animals between vets in Wichita (VESH, Wellspring, etc)
  • Long-Distance Transporting: we always need help getting animals from Wichita to Kansas City! Wichita volunteers generally do the first half of the drive and meet a Kansas City volunteer in Emporia where the dog(s) or cat(s) change cars and finish the second half of their journey.
  • Cat Volunteering: we now have cats at TWO different PetSmarts in the Wichita area – the one on N Rock and the one on S Tracy! We desperately need more volunteers to help clean, feed, and play with the kitties in those 2 locations.
  • Adoption Events: because we are trying to increase our footprint in Wichita, it would be SO great if we could get more exposure in the community by having more tables or booths at events around the city! Please let us know if you would be interested in joining other volunteers to spread the word about A&F and the crisis at WAS. Although we don’t have a physical shelter in Wichita (yet), we do often have several dogs at Wichita fosters that can come out to these adoption events too!
  • Hospital Volunteering: if you know A&F, you know we try to help the terribly sick or injured animals. We would love to have more volunteers that can visit these animals while they are at Wichita vets getting treatment, serving stray holds, or waiting transport. You can help get crucial photos of these animals for social media and our website to promote them for homes and raise funds, simply interact with them and show them love, or provide care and comfort to these animals at the end of their life if they are called home before coming to KC.
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Ready to help?

Email miranda@alwaysandfurever.org and I will add you to our Wichita Volunteers Facebook group where you can dive right into helping the cause!