1-800-247-9527 Ever After Farm, Spring Hill, KS 66083

Our dream is to wake up in a world where every soul is treated with kindness dignity respect, and most importantly their life has been touched by love, even if only for a moment.

Imagine a place where old dogs, sick dogs, abused dogs, abandoned dogs, and unwanted dogs all came together, to rest, to live, to play and snuggle. Where meals come morning and night, classical music is always playing and love overflows. The only choice they have to make is which couch or dog bed to lay on and which visitor to pick to smother with kisses. Just a place for dogs to be. To wait in the comforts of a home until they can find a family of their own who won’t throw them away when they are old or sick or even dying. To know they are loved for who they are, at this moment, and then to love us in return regardless of their past. To be the model of forgiveness and in return teach us to be better, kinder humans and to always know that even if in a small way we can always make a difference. This is the place we strive to be. This is our mission. This is our little red barn. A home for so many souls others discarded and we can’t imagine living without.

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