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Hotel Getaways

Can’t foster because you have other pets who won’t let you, or a strict landlord, or any other host of reasons that prevent you from bringing a pup home? Sign up for our newest Hotel Getaway program, where the pups that are most-in-need can get a break by spending a night out with you at a local hotel! All expenses paid for – including the room and dinner for 2, all you provide is a night of snuggles and relaxation.

Why uproot a pup for such a short period of time?

Obviously a full foster is the most ideal situation, but even these short outings are super important too! It provides the pup with a much needed break from the busy day-to-day buzz at our locations. Sleepovers are breaks similar to how people need weekend breaks after a long work week, it provides time for some much needed rest, relaxation, and invaluable 1:1 time. Equally important, by bringing them into a real home, we can learn more about the pup’s behavior to help promote them and give potential adopters as much information on them as possible!

Won’t they be sad or stressed when they are returned so quickly?

We truly don’t think so! A recent study has shown that dogs living in shelters can develop very high levels of cortisol, even at locations like ours where we focus on making the dog’s time with us as peaceful and fun as possible. As little as one night out can lower their cortisol level so significantly that when they return, their levels don’t get nearly as high as they would have been before the break. For more science behind the program, check out this other study shared by KCPP.

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