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Holiday Fosters

The holidays will be here before you know it! Every year, we do a big push to try and find all of our pups a home for the holidays. Not only do we do this because every pup deserves to find a special home to spend the holidays in, but it also helps give our hard-working staff a day off as they dedicate every day of their lives to caring for our animals. Please consider hosting a pup for the holidays. We are here to help you in any way, anything we can do to get these pups into a home.

How it Started

Up until this year, A&F paid for and relied heavily on private boarding facilities to house our “overflow” pups – those that were returned by adopters, left on a euth list with no options, or weren’t adjusting well to our Little Red Barn location. Every holiday break, these boarding facilities would “kick us to the curb” to accommodate other paying customers and leave us scrambling to find a place for our animals to go. Luckily, we now have 4 fully operating facilities where all our animals are taken care of by our own staff and volunteers. While we won’t be kicked out this year, we would still love to find pups a home for the holidays.

How does it work?

It works in any way you can accommodate it, truly – we will do anything if it helps get our pup in your home! The holidays are a great time to temp foster because many people are off work and have more time to dedicate towards hosting a pup. Whether you can only take one day or an entire week, we are so thankful for any minute you can spare for these pups. Many of our dogs are dog-friendly, but those who aren’t also need homes! In the past, holiday fosters simply rotate their own pets with their holiday pup, making sure they all get special attention during the holidays. We will provide any supplies you need.

Why does it matter?

Do the dogs really know if they are spending yet another holiday without a home? Maybe not, but we do. Some of our dogs have been waiting one, even two years for a home. Do you know what makes us happier than anything in the world? Seeing one of those pups snuggled up next to your fireplace, peacefully snoozing off a big meal that they shared with you and your family. You are providing our pups something we can’t ourselves and that is priceless to us. Whether its Thanksgiving break, Christmas week, or you have an extra day off for a long Memorial Day weekend – absoultely everything is appreciated.

Be prepared – get your app in now:

“I was fortunate enough to be able to foster Grandpa over Thansgiving, Christmas & have a couple sleepovers with him. I work full time, live alone, no fenced yard & have 3 cats- so my schedule isn’t ideal to share my life with a dog. Holiday fostering & sleepovers gave me the chance to temporarily have a dog & give them a break from the chaos of shelter life. I kept Grandpa separate from the cats & split my time. Grandpa & I played fetch in the house & when he ran he shook the dishes in the hutch & carpets went flying behind him! Always made me laugh. My house wasn’t the same when it was time for him to go back to the barn. I missed him as soon as I dropped him off. Having him got me out walking in my neighborhood regularly. While I had him with me I had folks over for a bonfire & Grandpa did so well with everyone- didn’t jump on anyone or get overly excited. He was a real gentleman & of course everyone fell in love with him. If you’re thinking about fostering but not sure, try a sleepover or a weekend. Want a dog but not sure? Try a temporary foster. You’ll be glad you did & the dogs will be so happy for any time you can give them in a home. The biggest problem is trying to figure out which dog because they’re all SO deserving & so sweet!” – Holly, Expert Holiday Foster

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