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Dog Dates

While each of our locations strive to provide the most loving care to our shelter pups, absolutely nothing compares to individual one-on-one time that our dog daters give to the pups! By becoming a “dog-dater” you sign up to take one of our adoptable pups out for an hour (or longer) and give them a break from the day-to-day grind at our locations.

On your date, you can:

  • Drive around country roads
  • Get a pup cup treat from Sonic or Starbucks
  • Go swimming at Heritage Lake
  • Explore trails at the park
  • Grab lunch on a restaurant patio
  • Enjoy the quiet and take a nap together

* Please do not take our pups to a dog park or have them meet any other pups while on your date

How to become a dog dater:

“I love taking dogs out for dates because it brings the animals so much joy! The rescue environment can be filled with stress for dogs, even in the best of circumstances, so it’s so fulfilling for me to be able to give them some one-on-one time and see them just relax—whether it’s being silly in the car together, going for a walk or stopping for a treat. The dogs just exude happiness! It’s also been an incredibly fulfilling way to teach my daughter about compassion while having fun and doing some good in the world” – Jill, Expert Dog Dater