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Tiny Home Tuesdays

Fundraising Campaign for Dog Villas

If you are familiar with A&F at all, then you’ve probably heard of TK. In 2020, we rescued a sweet pitty boy from atrocious conditions at another shelter where he was dumped after being abused at the hands of his previous owners. Once he was in our care, we saw just how special this boy was. It was apparent that TK was going to take a lot of work to overcome his previous trauma and live a full happy life. He struggled to trust anyone – dogs and humans alike, and required his people to work very hard to earn his trust. After several failed meet and greets and nearly 2 years with us, we came to the decision that TK was with us to stay. Although he does eventually let new friends in his circle, it takes a very long time and a lot of work from our trainers. Even if an adopter were to win him over, we can’t guarantee that they can protect him from encountering strangers, family members, mailman, etc. Even one bite on a dog’s record could be fatal if authorities deem it so, and therefore we decided that TK will stay with us where we can ensure his boundaries are always respected and he is only surrounded by those who he is comfortable with. Since being in our care, he has made several dog friends, traveled the country to training seminars, and learned so many amazing skills! He is truly living his best life and learning to be the best boy he can be. After living in the “suites” for over 2 years (our upstairs rooms/kennels), we decided that TK deserved to have his very own home built with us on our new Homestead land that we purchased. In TK’S tiny villa, he will have a room all to himself, as well as his very own play yard – in a beautiful new group villa where he can live out many more happy years and a full life with us. Thanks to all the generous donations every Tuesday, we were able to fundraise the money for TK’s Tiny Home in just over 8 months!

And then came Copper…