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Pucks for Paws

On Sunday June 12th, Always & Furever will be hosting a hockey tournament fundraiser to benefit the A&F animals! The tournament, hosted at KCIC, will consist of 8 teams with a 3 game minimum guarantee for each team. The team fee is $1,150 including the $150 deposit required at registration. Teams will be given access to our fundraising platform to raise the rest of their team fees. The total team fee and all registrations are due by June 1st.

Team Captain's Name(Required)
Team Members (up to 15 skaters plus goalie)(Required)
T-shirt size
I hereby agree and consent to the following parameters as conditions of participation in the Pucks for Paws hockey tournament. I will observe all rules outlined in the Pucks for Paws tournament guidelines, as well as USA Hockey rules. I understand that fighting, physical abuse of players, officials, or spectators, and the use of abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated during this tournament and violation of this rule could result in my banishment from the tournament and forfeiture of all fees paid. I certify that I am 18 years of age. I realize that the total responsibility for any injury, accident, incident, illness, or death to me or my person while participating in the Pucks for Paws tournament are solely mine. And I fully realize that any cost incurred for any reason are mine. By signing this agreement, I release Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary and KCIC from any liabilities or cost. I fully agree that the terms and conditions of this agreement are binding.
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