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Beth Wooldridge

My name is Beth Wooldridge and I am the Cat Coordinator for A&F! I began volunteering with A&F in May 2019 with my son where we fell in love with the environment, the friends and the concept of A&F. We began our journey with A&F with adoption events and hanging at the barn. We quickly became dog fosters and loved it, unfortunately one of our dogs began to be to possessive of me so we decided to try fostering kittens. Wally was our first kitten foster and the rest is history! I now oversee the Petsmart kennels and my amazing team of volunteers at Petsmart and our cat fosters, we foster cats and kittens in the "Cat Lounge" at our house and still love to hang with the dogs at the barn! A&F has brought my family many things and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to help families meet their furever cat or kitty! Saving one kitty at a time (sometimes many more)!