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Our Mission


The mission of Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary is to provide our senior furry friends a home in a loving, healthy, living-room setting where they can comfortably live out their lives, be they measured in weeks, months or years.

Now, if you follow us then you probably already know that our plans rarely turn out like we expect them to. At any given moment, our tranquil senior barn may be overrun with a dozen puppies (as it is at the moment).

Unlike other senior rescues, we at A&F do not have any requirements for an animal to be accepted to our rescue. We do not care how old or young, how sick or crabby, how far or close a pup may be in need – if we can make space for them then we will find a way to save them. We never shy away from a complex or expensive medical case either, because we’ve seen miracles happen time and time again, and one of our mottos is that you cannot put a price on any animal’s life – they are all priceless to us.

In fact, our inability to ‘say no’ to a pup-in-need is what has caused us to grow expontentially in the last year. We have now branched out to over 4 other locations to make room for all this growth. Of course, we will always have our original senior barn located in Spring Hill, KS (and someday it will once again be tranquil and sleepy as it was in the old days), but our eyes are set for the stars and we are on a mission bigger than we could have ever imagined.

Early in 2022, those big dreams became a reality when we procured the 40 acres of land next to our original location. On this land, we plan to build a wonderland for all the forgotten animals in the world. We will have several barns for all types of pets and personalities – puppies, hospice cats, only-pet dogs, and more. We will build a pet clinic/hospital and a community center for senior visitors, art classes, kid troop outings, and more. We truly want to make the world a better place and change what it means to be a rescue.

We aim to educate others on how to be the best pet-parents they can be, and how to appreciate every moment that we get with animals on their short blip of time on this earth. Our shelter locations work hard day in and day out to make sure all our animals are well-loved and enjoying the here and now – their happily furever after doesn’t begin when they get adopted, it begins the moment we take them into our care.

As mentioned above, our rescue is unique in that we do not charge any adoption fees for any of our animals. Ever. Our founder believes in breaking the stigma that animals are something to be bought and sold, and we preach daily that we could never put a price on the lives of our animals. We run solely on donations through our adopters, our followers on social media, and readers like you. We do not have any large corporate or angel donors – we are held together solely by this giant community of animal lovers who support us.

So please join our A&F family – follow along with our craziness, we promise it will be a wild but exhiliarting ride. We promise to always share the truth, the behind-the-scenes, and the insanity that is our rescue. We will accept anyone and everyone who wants to help us in any way, we truly believe that good attracts good and those good people come to us when the time is right.

We are #NotYourAverageShelter