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Osawatomie Animals

Please consider fostering or adopting one of the animals from our location in Osawatomie. This city-pound is overfull and in desperate need of moving animals out as soon as possible to save their lives! As a reminder, there are many more animals there than what you see below. Because this is a city shelter, there are lost animals serving stray holds there too! Once their stray holds are up, they will be added below.


Meet Shout! This silly boy came to the Osawatomie Pound back in March and found himself a home for a while but then was sadly returned because the adopter couldn’t handle him in a small apartment. Because of this, the city is really pressuring us to move him out since he isn’t supposed to be there anymore! Shout is a very curious boy and tilts his head to look at you when you talk to him, he also looks back during walks to make sure you are still there. This boy gives great hugs and kisses and will “shout” when he needs to go potty!