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The Little Red Barn

Spring Hill, KS

Our original location, this sweet red barn once started as nothing but a shell with a million dreams waiting to be born. The main floor of the barn is one big open room where senior pups spend the day lounging around on couches while they wait for their furever families to come along. The upper floor holds 4 suites that act as mini apartments for dogs who do not like other dogs. We strive to make every day special for the pups at the little red barn.

Dog Dates

Take a pup out for a change of scenery and some much-appreciated 1:1 time! For a dog date, we will bring a pup out to your car so you can drive and explore together. Take a pup for a walk around Hillsdale Lake, a drive down old country roads, play time at a park, or a quick treat with a pup-cup at Sonic! For more ideas around KC, visit this article. Must be 18+

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The barn always has endless tasks that we need help with! Come in to help fold laundry, scoop poop, walk pups, or anything else that may be needed that day – all levels of experience and capabilities are greatly appreciated. Must be 16+ or have a parent/guardian present

  • Volunteer orientations held at least one Sunday and one Saturday of every month
    • Look for upcoming orientations here!
  • Must have a waiver on file
  • Sign up to volunteer here! Please indicate that you are a full volunteer
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Dog Walking

For those who haven’t been through orientation, you can still walk dogs while you wait for the next one to be scheduled! We will bring a pup out for you to walk around the farm and get some valuable 1:1 time. Please know that you will not be allowed to enter the barn until you have completed an orientation due to the nature of the environment there. Must be 16+ or have a parent/guardian present

  • Must have a waiver on file
  • Sign up to walk dogs here! Please indicate that you are a dog walker


During the summer months, we always need help with mowing, weed whacking, and gardening!