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The Little Grey Barn

Kansas City, MO

A refuge for dogs who were saved off death row but don’t quite fit in at the Red Barn, either due to their age, energy level, or personality. The Grey Barn is a series of private suites and runs for these pups who are generally younger or who don’t like other dogs. They are constantly being walked and engaged with while they wait for their furever families to come!

Dog Dates

Take a pup out for a change of scenery and some much-appreciated 1:1 time! For a dog date, we will bring a pup out to your car so you can drive and explore together. Take a pup for a walk around a local park, a drive around town, or a quick treat with a pup-cup at Sonic! For more ideas around KC, visit this article. Must be 18+


The barn always needs more volunteers to come walk and play with the pups! These pups are generally younger and have lots of energy – they can never be walked too much. Spend some 1:1 time loving and playing with one of these oh-so-deserving pups. We also have cuddle rooms where you can come to just snuggle or read to the pups. Must be 16+ or have a parent/guardian present

  • Must have a waiver on file
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