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The Homestead Journey

Saturday May 6, 2023

Jen’s Thoughts

I’d be lying if I said this past week has been easy. To see the tremendous work our Board and team put in just to prepare for Tuesdays meeting, over a year in preparation, to see the courage of friends to speak in a room filled with animosity and forge past our fears to speak our truth, for the animals, for each other. Those who know me, really know me, have always known how much music means to me. What you don’t see in the morning videos on the farm is me walking around singing to the dogs, they run and hop and sometimes dance with me (or bite my butt) but hey they don’t judge me for my singing skills, and I don’t judge them for their dancing skills. I started to share more songs that move me. It’s funny my life is extremely public now yet I’m still socially awkward, extremely introverted, and private person and I don’t know why but sharing music feels so very personal and vulnerable to me, I have no idea why, but it does. It’s like a window to my soul at some of the best and especially worst times but since I have people have started sharing songs with me more and I cannot even begin to describe how much I love and appreciate that. Mostly because it’s something someone connected with and thought of me or our rescue and was moved to do something vulnerable too. Music helped me through my deepest, darkest times in life as well, because I always knew someone else could feel what I felt and then I didn’t feel alone. And just when I need it the most out of the blue. Someone I may not even have Ever met in person sends me a song. This was sent to me by a new friend last night. Sometimes I question my faith, I’m not a fearless leader as some have implied. I worry. I doubt. I worry some more. But I pause, i pray, and I look at all God has blessed me with and take a deep breath and know how far we have come with this little red barn that was once a falling down horse barn in the middle of nowhere, that has now become a movement and mission of simply love. To challenge the way things used to be and know that we can do better. And nothing great is every easy or without resistance and for every hurdle we encounter will continue to find our way… together. Fear and doubt will always be there, but we are never lost as long as we still have hope. Every single person who supports our rescue gives me that hope. Every morning. Every night. Every moment. So, saying thank you will never be enough but thank you. Our Homestead will happen. We are changing the word together, one day at a time.
Tuesday May 2, 2023

Planning Commission Meeting

Miami County Planning Commission denied our request for a Conditional Use Permit. Click the link to watch the meeting.

Saturday April 15, 2023

Jen’s Thoughts

I’m not sure who knows this or not but I’m a HUGE music lover. I literally have it on almost 24/7 and when I love a song I put it on repeat for hours upon hours. What you don’t see in the morning videos is I’m usually walking around w the dogs singing to them (they don’t mind if I am off key or miss a note) I’m convinced in a past life I was a singer on Broadway but alas God did not give me that voice in this life but it doesn’t stop me from always singing around the farm or car.
I pass the homestead everyday and Everytime I drive by the Homestead I thank God for the land, our dream, all the animals and allthe amazing people near and far in my life that made this dream come true and when I pull jnto the farm all I can ever feel is peace no matter what the day.
I know it seems like the odds are against us with the Homestead even though we meet the Golden Criteria and we may not have any political connections but what we do have is faith. Faith in a dream that goes beyond any one of us to treat and love every homeless animal in need like our own and to redesign the way shelters are run, all funded solely by donations without ever putting a price on a life for an adoption fee. Shelters run with play time, morning and evening cuddles, walks, interactions, and so so so much love.
We are not like any other shelter because we do things OUR way by putting kindness and love first jn everything we do, everyday in every way. And the most incredible part is that we are all on the journey together, connected simply by our love for the animals and in return how we treat each other.
Something about this song just makes me think of our Homestead. Our rescue and the future we are creating together that others may not believe in but I know in my soul will come true.
Life isn’t worth living without hope of a better tomorrow and always making the most of today. If we are too scared to dream then nothing will ever change. Let them call us crazy. Let them say it can’t be done.
Then watch us change the world together, one single step at a time.
Keep sharing the word, we need ALL Miami County residents to come to the meeting May 2nd to speak at 201 s Pearl St Paola KS at 7 pm. Nothing ever worth doing is easy and this is just one more step to making our dreams come true.
No need to listen to the song, I may or may not love musicals too so it’s def an acquired taste 🙂
We really are not your average shelter.

Friday April 15, 2022

Land Purchased

We purchased the 40 Acres adjacent to our 5 acre little farm in Spring Hill, Kansas with a dream to build a Homestead with multiple barns spread throughout the land to love and care for even more of God’s animals.