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Extra Love Needed

These are just a few of the faces of the souls others threw away, the ones most rescues won’t touch and don’t want… the faces of the thousands upon thousands who are put to sleep, not talked about, swept under the rug as if they didn’t exist…the selective ones, the ones with ‘issues,’ the ones no one else is willing to invest in. These animals are the ones that resource guard or are reactive to other animals, some have injured or killed a cat, some have injured or killed another dog, or even struggle to like or accept humans.

They all have a past, most involve a kill shelter, a past of horrors or pain we likely will never know, that cause them to bare the scars that we can’t erase or the trauma that sparks triggers that we can never predict. They are the ones we may never understand but work with every single day to listen to them and respect them and love them. They are the ones that need us to put our own fears aside so they can experience life as every dog should, knowing they are safe and knowing what it’s like to be loved.

We love each of our special ones with all our hearts. All of their lives matter and every single one of them is worth it. When they have been looked past in shelters, writen off, locked away…. we will be there to take the left overs, the ones no one else wants. Our specialized trainer works hard day in and day out with these dogs to prepare them for the day a very special family comes along and finally sees their worth and is willing to put in the extra love that these pups require. Choose to believe that the lives others discarded still have value. We do and know God does too.