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Board of Directors

Always & Furever is fortunate to have the support of highly experienced leaders on our Board of Directors to help us drive our mission forward using their diverse backgrounds and knowledgeable insight.

Ryan Casey

Chairman of the Board

Scott Schneider

Vice Chairman

I first got to know Jen when she accepted a job as Senior Counsel at Waddell & Reed. I was the Funds’ Chief Compliance Officer and both Jen and I worked with the Funds’ Board of Directors on a regular basis. Jen soon learned I had a soft spot in my heart for dogs and that I had just lost my 14-year-old yellow lab. Soon after she began work at W&R, Jen began construction of the Little Red Barn and her vision began taking shape. It was during the construction of the Little Red Barn that Jen and another volunteer, Steph, rescued a little brown boxer named Daisy. Daisy needed to be spade and she needed a huge tumor removed from her stomach. I wasn’t sure I was ready to get another dog yet, but I guess Jen knew. It turns out Daisy and I were meant to be. Daisy needed me and I needed her.

Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge just a few days past our four-year gotcha-versary. I still think about her every day. I would take her to the park every day, lifting her into the back of the Jeep since she couldn’t jump very well. By the time I was seated behind the wheel Daisy would be there to greet me with a lick of her tongue across my cheek before I started the car. I adopted a second dog, Scooby, while I still had Daisy. Daisy hid in the closet for the first couple of days but she finally accepted Scooby and Scooby ended up fiercely protective of Daisy. I’m sure he is still protecting her across the rainbow bridge as he ended up passing of cancer about 6 months before I lost Daisy.

I have three new dogs now, all adopted as a result of my affiliation with A&F. Crush, the matriarch, and Brown Bear and Cowgirl, the rambunctious teenagers. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m sure there will always be a Swifter near by to pick up dog hair because I will always have a dog in my home and by my side.

Jane Cozzolino


The focus on senior dogs was what initially drew me to A&F. Helping those abandoned because of age and related illness to feel comfort and love in their later years was a mission I instantly wanted to direct my efforts to. I started as a volunteer,then began scheduling the medical visits, and transporting the dogs with the help of my 90-year-old father on many a vet run(our most senior volunteer!). I transitioned into the role of Treasurer which allows me to directly use my background and skills, focusing on record keeping and all things numbersrelated! My finance career began as a regulatory examiner followed by commercial banking internal audit. I was then drawn to the non-profit sector where I spent 15 years in variousfinance, fundraising and administrative roles supportingwomen’s and children’s issues, and housing for the homeless. I am so honored to now be supporting another mission I am so passionate about! Being a part of this rescue from the beginning, I have had the joy of watching our number of lives saved explode! The seniors, the sick, the unwanted, they all matter at A&F. My husband Todd and I have fostered, and foster-failed, adding alumni Bart, Matty and Chris to our own family of rescues!

Jennifer Dulski

Founder, Board Member

Sue George

Vice President, Board Member

I met Jen and her dogs Mugsy and Libby back in 2008, Mugs jumped all over me, I told Jen, “I am not a dog person and will never have a dog”….fast forward 14 years and I am the Vice President of A&F, the most AMAZING dog recue on the planet! Because I live in Pittsburgh, PA 90% of what I do is all behind the scenes. I take care of replying to all emails, sort of a Director of Communication, I send all tax/thank you letters for donations. I do my best to make it to KS at least 4 times a year for events and to help when I can. As for never having a dog, I am the PROUD dog Mom to 2 amazing pups, Embri and A&F Alumni Stuart.

Craig Elford

Freedom Drive Transport Coordinator, Board Member

After spending almost 40 years in sales and technical sales leadership positions in the telecommunications industry with AT&T and Sprint, I retired as Area Director of Enterprise Business and Public Sector Sales for the Midwest Region where my organization had responsibility for $800M in annual revenue. I served two terms on the Board of Trustees (Chair and Vice Chair) and Church Council for the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection managing a $26M annual budget. I have also served on the Finance Committee, as Building Committee Chair for the Spiritual Retreat Center, on the Infrastructure Committee for the Leawood campus, and founded and lead the Traffic Ministry since 2004. I feel blessed to be part of the Always & Furever family since May 2019, and absolutely love volunteering as the Pup Transport Coordinator and Freedom Driver where I have the responsibility to recruit drivers and organize the logistics for Freedom Rides and Furever Family Rides to start the journey for these beautiful, sweet pups to a new and better life. This has involved organizing freedom rides for over 2,100 pups with so many amazing and committed freedom drivers and personally driving an average of 60,000 miles per year transporting over 1,600 pups to date. I was really drawn to Always & Furever due to the focus on helping pups overlooked by other rescues – the old dogs, sick dogs, abused dogs, abandoned and unwanted dogs – to provide them a loving environment where they know nothing but love, care, compassion, patience, kindness, and happiness. It is truly a blessing to volunteer with so many amazing people as part of the A&F family who are so passionate and committed to provide these poor, sweet, innocent pups the love and care they so deserve.

Judy Katterhenrich

Vet Transport Coordinator, Board Member

After a career of 26 years in pharmaceutical Research and development with Marion Laboratories and subsequent merger companies, I retired as Vice President of Professional Education and Scientific Communications for Teva Neuroscience, the North American division of Teva Pharmaceuticals. Later, I served as Executive Director of The Foundation of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers, a non-profit medical education organization funding medical fellowships and student scholarships. I have been a volunteer since shortly after Always and Furever’s barn doors opened. My role as a volunteer evolved from washing dog dishes and picking up the yard to coordinating transportation to vet visits for the animals in our care. The level of veterinary care we provide is a major expense for The Little Red Barn, and this has translated into over 1,500 drives a year by a group of volunteers, fosters and transporters. I came to Always and Furever thinking I would spend time with dogs a couple of days a week. This snowballed into having twice as many dogs in my family as I intended, driving hundreds of miles each week, and finding a community of the kindest, most compassionate and hard-working people I have ever known. It’s a privilege to laugh, cry, problem-solve and most of all love and care for the animals in our care with this selfless group of people