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Deana Brim

Hi my name is Deana Brim, I am the oz shelter coordinator. I came to a&f over 2 yrs ago. After going through orientation in February, I heard that they was going to start taking care of the Osawatomie pound. I've known about the pound for over 35 yrs. This place was a dark, dirty, and deep quiet secret that people's beloved pets never came out of there alive. I thought to myself I have to help them clean this place up and make sure no more animals due there. I was there the first day of clean up and I'm still here and will be here until forever. We start construction on the new shelter this spring, I'm so excited to be apart of this adventure. I can not thank a&f for saving the cats and dogs from the hell they could of been facing. A&f will always be a big part if my like and could not thank them enough. P.s. me and bubba (the longest resident at the oz shelter) he was adopted the first part of December.