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Danielle Sanders

Hello my name is Danielle. In July of 2021 I came across an A & F 'good morning' video while on vacation in South Carolina. I loved seeing the interaction with the dogs and cats and decided that this was an interesting place. In August 2021 there was a post asking people if they would love to help with pet adoptions and we could do it remotely. I decided I could definitely help out with adoptions even all the way from California. Seeing the smiles on the people and pets faces is so rewarding. Since my start of helping A & F with pet Adoptions I have switched roles and now I'm currently helping the foster team. I'm so proud to tell people that I help A & F and have been told I've changed so much by doing so and that this is definitely my calling. I'm so happy I ran across A & F. Couldn't imagine my life without it.