1-800-247-9527 Ever After Farm, Spring Hill, KS 66083


Sue George

I met Jen and her dogs Mugsy and Libby back in 2008, Mugs jumped all over me, I told Jen, “I am not a dog person and will never have a dog”….fast forward 14 years and I am the Vice President of A&F, the most AMAZING dog recue on the planet! Because I live in Pittsburgh, PA 90% of what I do is all behind the scenes. I take care of replying to all emails, sort of a Director of Communication, I send all tax/thank you letters for donations. I do my best to make it to KS at least 4 times a year for events and to help when I can. As for never having a dog, I am the PROUD dog Mom to 2 amazing pups, Embri and alumni Stuart.