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Terri Custer

I’m Terri Custer, I am Sinbad’s Mommy (as of Christmas Eve 2021)! I’ve been volunteering with A&F since it’s second month of life. A while back my friend Marie Fabrizius told me about this wonderful new place opening up that would be great for my son to come get some community service hours for school! So, I brought Logan out and he immediately fell in love with two of our original pups, Hank and Howard. We started picking up poo and folding towels and loving on pups every week. Logan has since moved on from the barn, but I felt a special uplift working with the pups and eventually started going to the boarding facilities when Baker, the Boxer I had been fostering for a short time, had to go back. I felt like we needed to get them out more too since they didn’t get as much attention as the barn dogs did. Then, when we finally broke the barrier to the Pound (The Shelter of Oz), I found my place again, a little closer to home and have been helping there ever since! I still go to the barn and to boarding as often as I can. But the Shelter of Oz has become my niche!