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Miranda Munden

I happened across A&F the same way everyone does, through a random post on Facebook, I couldn't believe there was a shelter around the corner from me that I didn't know about! There was an orientation coming up and they were looking for a volunteer who could help feed dinner, so I jumped right in and started feeding dinner to the pups most days of the week. Not long after, my first Alumni pup stole my husband's heart and came home with us (my TRUE intentions for volunteering at the LRB!). Ever since then, we have added 2 more alumni and now our home has 5 sets of paws running around. Everyone here at A&F wears many hats, I've done everything from helping out with fundraising, designated pug foster, and the immense roles of Intake and Adoption Coordinator for the last year! Now I have taken on the role of Social Media Coordinator and I know it will be a wild ride! We have an amazing following of supporters across all our platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and our website. Our founder broke all the "rules" for social media and believes there is no limit to how much we can post! Not only do we post to promote our adoptable animals, but we also use social media for nearly all of our fundraising, AND as a tool to help the lives of humans and animals around the world by brightening their day with our ridiculousness and by showing them first-hand how to care for your pets and be the best pet owners possible. I am also the Volunteer Coordinator and help recruit more volunteers to help out in the barn, participate in our senior home visits, and join us at adoption events! A&F truly believes that "good attracts good" and you can see that in each and every one of our amazing dedicated volunteers who help carry out our mission everyday.