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Kelly Frey

Kelly started out at A&F as a doggie date volunteer. Until that one doggy date turned into a foster and then a permanent family member. And it hasn’t stop there. Kelly found a passion with fostering at Always and Furever, by bringing home new family members but also Helping out as a volunteer under the foster Coordinator. “There is a reward of being able to move helpless pups out of kill shelters and into foster homes. To be able to see them decompress and feel safe enough to allow their personalities to shine- so they too have a better chance for adoption, fills your heart with hope. Always and Furever can see these helpless animals have worth. When so many others have given up on them. A&F is not willing to give up. And that says so much about the individuals who give their hearts and are part of this sanctuary.” At home in Stilwell, Ks, Kelly has a supportive animal loving family: Chris, her husband, daughter Elsie and their three pups, Persie, Mo and Delores.