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Pepsi Van Lerberg

My name is Pepsi VanLerberg, I moved to Springhill to get a new start, I was in a very dark place in my life and needed something to give me hope. I was working a job trying to just make ends meet but I wasn’t happy when I came upon A&F as a foster… it gave me a purpose. Never did I think I would be a full-time employee, doing what I loved! I think I’ve foster over 65 dogs in 2+ years. As a staff member of the barn, I give the pups my whole heart and continue to learn each day how to care for them. As part of the morning shift, I give them their morning meds and get them started with their day! I freshen up their beds, scoop the yards, make sure they have clean blankets, do their breakfast dishes, and watch to make sure everyone stays safe. Every morning I walk in the barn, I fall in love all over again with each pup. I continue to love them until they find their furever home, watching them leave is never easy after you’ve bonded with them in a way that most people won’t experience. They come to us broken, abandoned, and mostly looking to be loved in a fashion they haven’t experienced before. I have especially taken to my friend Eggo, who when he came to us, wouldn’t let anyone touch him! He changed my life. I wanted so badly to take him home, unfortunately my home is not suited for his needs. I can’t thank A&F enough for giving me this place that I now come to call home, where I find peace and love. What I give the dogs will never compare to what they give to me! The barn dogs are a wonderful addition to my life and have given me a reason to get out of bed each day! I started with a Chi that I had since she was a puppy, she has recently passed and now my house is full of A&F pups, some foster fails, some that are hospice. I wouldn’t trade this life for any other! I’m grateful for the staff and the pups in the barn. Our volunteers, fosters, staff, and support members are everything to this rescue! I am so grateful I get to be a very small sliver of this wonderful place I get to call home!