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Craig Elford

I feel blessed to be part of the Always & Furever family, and absolutely love volunteering as the Pup Transport Coordinator and Freedom Driver where I have the responsibility to recruit drivers and organize the logistics for Freedom Rides and Furever Family Rides to start the journey for these beautiful, sweet pups to a new and better life. I was really drawn to A&F due to the focus on helping pups overlooked by other rescues - the old dogs, sick dogs, abused dogs, abandoned and unwanted dogs - to provide them a loving environment where they know nothing but love, care, compassion, patience, kindness, and happiness. Being retired after spending almost 40 years in sales and technical sales leadership positions in the telecommunications industry, it is truly a blessing to volunteer with so many amazing people as part of the A&F family to provide these poor, sweet, innocent pups the love and care they so deserve.