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Amy Stoecker

I found A&F scrolling through Facebook in the summer of 2018, and came across this beautiful boy named Hank. I had been making donations to non profits with every closing I had in real estate, and I knew immediately I wanted to make a donation and tour the farm. And then I just never left! I had a beautiful, amazing Bernese Mountain senior rescue dog named Bernie at home who was starting to slow down, and had some health concerns but we loved him and took care of him with everything we had, and it baffled my mind that someone could just say goodbye to their dog before it was time. It broke my heart that not every senior dog had the love that Bernie had. I started with freedom rides. Wiley (Max) was my first and I’ll never forget him. I was the only A&F volunteer who got to meet Paulette (Daisy) and we had quite the bonding experience to Dallas. I had a short stint of being the coordinator of all the freedom rides, before passing the baton to Craig. A&F then started to board some pups, and I saw a need for someone to take charge of starting a volunteer group to work with those pups. And so began my love of all our boarding babes. Trevor will forever be the most special pup I’ve met through A&F and changed me, and I will continue to help our boarding pups in honor of him. I will also forever help with David’s Day every year, and honor his dream he had. A&F has changed my life, and I will continue to help change our pups lives! And of course, my involvement with A&F wouldn’t be complete without one of my own. Be careful if you go to the barn to drink some wine… you might just come home with a pup. Lola is loved and adored and living her best life!