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Osawatomie Pound

Nestled near the rolling greens of the Osawatomie Golf Course, this small grey shelter holds within it some of the biggest hearts. Although the Osawatomie Pound is technically a city structure, A&F fully staffs the pound and provides vet care and finds homes for all the pups and cats who wind up here. A&F has also fundraised enough money to build a beautiful new shelter, coming soon!


  • The OZ Pound regularly has both cats and dogs, who are either picked up by the city’s animal control or are surrendered directly to the city.
  • Volunteers are desperately needed to help walk and promote the animals here! There aren’t fenced in yards there so the dogs rely on walks for their daily interaction. There also cats who need love here too!
  • Must be 16+ or have a parent/guardian present
  • Please make sure you have a waiver and email the pound coordinator, Deana, prior to your first time coming out.
  • To volunteer, use the link below with sign up below:

Dog Dates

Take a pup out for a change of scenery and some much-appreciated 1:1 time! For a dog date, we will bring a pup out to your car so you can drive and explore together. Take a pup for a walk around Hillsdale Lake, a drive down old country roads, play time at a park, or a quick treat with a pup-cup at Sonic! Must be 21+